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Foldable Squatting Toilet Stool


  1. Bathroom stool is made of strong and sturdy plastic materials that are meant to last a lifetime and not break easily.

  2. It will help positions the body for healthier bowel activity by raising legs up to a natural squatting position.

  3. Stool feet non-slip and durable design, increase the friction with the ground, not easy to slip.

  4. Perfect Shape design, mini compact, space-saving, perfect fit toilet shape.

  5. Pregnant women, children and the elderly can prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, children can be used for stepping.

Material: PP


  • expand: 15.75"×9.84"×6.89" (40×25×17.5 cm)
  • fold: 15.75"×9.84"×3.94" (40×25×10 cm)
Weight: 950g/33.51oz