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Gap Duster - Machine Washable - Perfect for Crannies & Nooks

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Cleaning and dusting the space under the furniture is a demanding task. However, thanks to the modern cleaning instruments and tools, cleaning your property has never been so easygoing and effortless. One of these impressive cleaning tools that we are going to talk about here is the flexible and long-reach duster wand or you can call it "gap duster".

The extension pole can be easily protracted up to a length of 133cm / 52 inches. Adjustable telescoping handle ( great for short or tall people). Made from strong, but light aluminum alloy. Extra-long, easy to extend aluminum handle for cleaning hard-to-reach places in the kitchen, under the couch, up on windows, etc. Lightweight design for dusting under the couch and on walls.

Apart from the facility of protraction, you can bend the head of the duster to any angle enabling you to reach nooks and crannies. A very good example of a hard-to-reach spot is the bottom and the back of your washing machine, bed and cupboard, etc.

Other than hard-to-reach spots, some materials are simply cumbersome and unmanageable like hairs, bread-crumbs, and more. It doesn’t matter how hard you try there are bits left behind. That’s why this dusting wand is equipped with a microfiber duster, which imparts it an extra pickup capableness making it unproblematic to steer clear your home from unwieldy dirt.

Moreover, the pad absorbs water quickly and catches dirt and grime effectively from all types of surfaces to make them look shiny and sanitized.

The Duster wand/Gap Duster comes with 2 washable microfiber pads that can be reused, rewashed, refilled, replaced. Reuse our microfiber pads again & again - wash up to 100 times in your washing machine to save money and protect the environment.

So, overall you can see that this flexible dusting and cleaning wand is an amazing cleaning tool and a must-have in your home or other properties. What are you waiting for? Get one for yourself.

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