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Mini Bag Sealer

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Are you still worried about overeating? With this sealer, it allows you to exercise restraint without wasting food. Never worry about your containers leaking or opening which leads to a mess or food spoilage. 

This mini sealer can seal the food bag to keep the food fresh and dry. And open it at any time you want. Don't need to preheat before using, just press and pull the mini food sealer across the bag to create an airtight seal. Any type of plastic or aluminum bag is subject to the power of sealing. Sealing more stronger without air leakage. Make sure foods has its original flavor when you eat in next time.

Designed with comfort radian, weigh only 3.17 OZ, length only 2.95 inches. Easy to hold with one hand, and can be conveniently put into a pocket or bag. It has a magnet on the bottom to stick on the fridge, and it has a lanyard on top for hanging on a hook.

Please Note: This product should be powered by 2 AA batteries (Not Included). The effect of this product is significant, please control the intensity of use. For thin bags, move the sealer gently. Do not seal the bag for a long time. Try it a few times and you will find it very useful.