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Rearview mirror Anti-water Film

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Rainy days are troubling to the blurred rearview mirror, Driving in foggy and rainy weather without a clear vision is also risky. This car waterproof film can help you solve these problems. It can provide you a clear vision in the rain and fog weather to ensure you drive safely. 

Very easy to install. Use a cleaning tool to clean pre-ordered areas. Spray a little water on the mirror, then install an anti-fog film on the mirror and adjust the size and angle before the spray is completely dry. Finally, flatten it with a spatula (prevent air bubbles). Remove the anti-reflection film. 

This Anti-water film is Suitable for all Automobile & Vehicle Models. Eg. Car, Suv, Truck, trailer, etc.

▶Package includes:
2 x rectangular (7.9" x 6.9" / 200 * 175mm) side window film
2 x oval (5.9" x 3.9" / 150 * 100 mm) side rearview mirror film
2 x wipes
2 x dry cloth
2 x squeeze card
2 x Dust-absorber