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"U" Brush Head

Specially Designed for Hard-to-Reach Places.

"U" Brush Scrubber pivots to provide you with the best cleaning angle. The bristles easily scrub away dirt and grime in those hard-to-reach places, boasting a special "U" trim which is designed to fit narrow and wide grout areas. Furthermore, these bristles bounce back to their original shape to stand up to countless uses.

Sturdy Yet Gentle.

While the bristles are tough enough to furnish an impeccably clean, they’re also gentle enough to keep your surfaces scratch-free. Don't break your back stooped over your floor scrubbing when you can let "U" Brush Scrubber do the hard work for you without scratching! 

Sparkling Clean.

Quality-made, the sturdy, adjustable telescopic steel handle is made to last while the bristles stay as good as new. Combining its durable construction with its unique features, this "U" Brush Scrubber will thoroughly remove stains from grout with minimal effort and minimal time.

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