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Webcam Cover Slide 3 Pcs/pack

Webcam camera hacking is widespread — how to protect your digital life? The shocking truth is that just about anyone can hack into your computer and turn on the camera without you even knowing it. The only way to your privacy is to cover the camera when you are not using it. Webcam cover designed for people who like to have more privacy, security, and peace of mind when using smartphones, tablets, and computers!

This webcam cover features a subtle design that complements the beautiful aesthetic of top devices.

0. 023in(0. 6mm) Thin design makes it compatibility with MacBook Pro 15 inch / 13 inch Version, MacBook Air 13 inch Version, other Laptops and iPad Pro/ iPad Air/ iPad mini/ iPhone 8 Plus/ 8/ 7 Plus/ 7/ 6 Plus/ 6 front camera, Android tablet, PC, Computer.

Simply align to your webcam, attach and press firmly for 15 seconds for a strong. It does not interfere with web use or indicator light. It does not damage your device in any way.